The purpose built painting building has built in hydraulic rams which enable us to lift boats clear of the water in seconds. The well insulated and heated building ensures perfect conditions all year round for painting new and refurbished craft.

Paint System
High build primer, undercoat and at least two coats of high quality coach enamel are applied by brush with lots of preperation before each coat. Special beads are added to the paint to achieve non-slip areas. Coach lines are painted on. A good paint job should last for five years with regular polishing.

Signwriting and Decoration
This is normally carried out by Ron Hough of Braunston. Ron is a genuine canal artist having been taught the trade by Frank Nurser of Braunston, and the quality of his work is well renowned.

Hull Blacking
This is usually done as part of a repaint but can also be carried out as a seperate job. For continual protection, hulls should be blacked every two years. New boats need to be coated at more regular intervals initially to build up protection.

Minor Repairs
Often when a boat is in for a repaint, minor repairs are required. For example, a new door or hatch may be needed or anodes replaced etc. These can all be carried out by Blue Haven Marine.

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